Welcome to the History Communication Summit companion site.

On March 4-5, 2016, UMass Amherst hosted the first-ever summit on history communication.

Led by Jason Steinhauer and Marla Miller, the summit convened top thought leaders from the history profession and beyond to consider how the history profession might train and cultivate a generation of historians to communicate historical scholarship to non-expert audiences across the diversity of media available today.

The idea for History Communicators/Communication was put forth by Jason Steinhauer in 2014 and was modeled on the investment made by the sciences in Science Communicators and Science Communication. On this website, you will find  links to science communication resources, as well as a collection of resources loosely connected to history communicators and history communication. You will also find information on the genesis and evolution of the history communicators idea. A copy of the contents of this website may be downloaded here.

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